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     The assistance of the following persons greatly facilitated the progress and completion of this work.

     María de Lourdes Martínez and Stephen Álvarez kindly received me and shared valuable information during my visits to the Maunabo lighthouse. Equal attentions were received from Carlos Almodóvar and Loraine Serrano at the San Juan lighthouse and from Angelika Vendrell, Juan A. Jesús Diaz, Pedro Guadalupe and Leyla Rivera at the Aguadilla, Arroyo, Cabo Rojo and Punta Mulas (Vieques) lighthouses. Mayor Jorge L. Márquez Pérez allowed me to visit the lantern of the Maunabo lighthouse.

     John Reyes, of the Coast Guard in San Juan, answered many questions and provided useful information about the local lighthouses. Sandra Shanklin allowed me to reproduce some of the historic photographs included in the compact disk that she and her husband Bob published on the lighthouses of Puerto Rico. Luis Vélez shared information and interesting anecdotes about the time he worked in the Cabo Rojo, Fajardo and Mona lighthouses. Kristen Ankiewicz kindly authorized the use of four photos that she took in Mona Island in 2008. provided a special permission to use two of its aerial photographs of the Mona lighthouse. Kraig Anderson, webmaster of Lighthouse Friends, shared information which facilitated my visits to Cardona and Vieques. The friends of the Puerto Rican Collection at the General Library of the University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez gave me access to an interesting collection of newspaper clippings about local lighthouses.

     Finally, my wife, Mayra Acevedo, accompanied me most of the lighthouses, noting details that I often overlooked. She also read and corrected the text.