Australian almond


Australian almond, or Queensland blue almond, is native to Australia but is planted in the tropics for ornament in gardens, walkways and roads. It reaches a height of 35 feet, with a trunk 6 or more inches in diameter. The branches generally originate together along the trunk at various levels. The leaves are grouped towards the ends of branches, they are up to 6 inches long, simple, and turn red before falling. Flowers are grouped in spikes about 4 inches long which produce a smell very similar to that of a decomposing animal. Fruits are slightly less than an inch long. It flowers mostly during spring and summer, fruits mature mainly during autumn and winter. The generic name refers to the grouping of leaves towards the end of the branches. The species name honors the German-Australian botanist Ferdinand von Mueller (1825-1896).

The photographed tree is east of Building C. There is another tree of the same age west of the day-care center.

Terminalia muelleri (Combretaceae)