Araguan is native to native to Colombia and Venezuela. It reaches a height of 30 feet, with a trunk 10 or more inches in diameter. The leaves are up to 14 inches long and are composed of a long petiole with five leaflets, the middle one up to 7.5 inches long including its petiolule; the leaves are covered by  minute golden hairs that give them a velvety feel. Flowers are up to 2 inches wide and are grouped in inflorescences that almost cover the whole tree. Fruits are pods 1 foot or longer that open on both sides to liberate many small winged seeds. It flowers during winter and spring, fruits mature during spring and summer. The generic name means rose-colored tree, although this species' flowers are yellow. The species name means golden, in reference to the color of the flowers.

The photographed tree is behind the Civil Engineering Building and is the only member of the species in the campus. It is a common ornamental in Puerto Rico.

Roseodendron chryseum (Bignoniaceae)