Bignay, or salamander tree, is native to China and Southeast Asia, from India to the Phlippines and northern Australia. It its native distribution it reaches a height of 100 feet, with a trunk 2 or more feet in diameter, although it also grows as a large shrub. The leaves are up to 9 inches long. The flowers are very small and are grouped in spikes up to 4 inches long, male and female on separare trees, although isolated female trees may bear abundant fruit. Fruits are about three eighths of an inch in diameter and very acid, in Asia they are used to prepare juice, syrup, jam and wine. It flowers during spring and summer, fruits mature during summer and fall. The generic name means "against venom", in reference to the use of certain species as antidote against snake venom. The species name probably derives from a common name for the tree in Asia.

The photographed tree is south of the general student parking lot. There are two trees at the Research and Development Center.

Antidesma bunius (Phyllanthaceae)