Malay cinnamon


Malay cinnamon, or Indonesian cinnamon, is native Indonesia and the Philippine Islands. It reaches a height of 25 feet, with a trunk 8 or more inches in diameter. The leaves are up to 4 inches long, possees three longitudinal veins and produce a pleasant cinnamon aroma when crushed. Flowers are about a quarter of an inch wide and are grouped in abundant inflorescences that attract bees and other insects. Fruits are about half an inch long and turn black when ripe. It flowers in spring and fruits mature in autumn. The bark of this tree is one of the commercial sources of powdered cinnamon. The generic name derives from the old Greek name for cinnamon. The species name honors the Dutch botanist Johannes Burman (1701-1780) or his son, the botanist N. L. Burmann.

The photographed tree is west of the new Agricultural Sciences greenhouses and is the only member of the species in the campus.

Cinnamomum burmannii (Lauraceae)