Bottlebrush is native to humid areas in east and southeast Australia, but is widely planted for ornament due to its arched branches and attractive flowers. It reaches a height of 30 feet, with a trunk 8 inches in diameter. The bark is brownish-grey and fissured. The leaves are up to 2.5 inches long and produce a resinous aroma when crushed. Flowers are grouped in inflorescences up to 4 inches long that appear near the ends of branches. Fruits are hard capsules approximately a quarter of an inch in wide. It flowers and produces fruits almost throughout the year. The generic name means beautiful stamens, in reference to the flowers. The species name refers to the citrus-like or resinous odor of the crushed leaves.

The two photographed trees are behind the Monzón Building, both were planted by Carlos Figueroa between 1987 and 1990. There are several other trees in the campus; for example, in front of the Student Union, behind the Chemistry Building, southwest of the Rafael Mangual colisseum, and at the entrance to the Piñero Building parking lot.

Callistemon citrinus (Myrtaceae)