Jaguey, or wild fig, is native to the Antilles. It reaches a height of 50 feet, with a trunk 2 feet in diameter which may be supplemented by aerial roots. The leaves are up to 1 foot long. Leaves and branches produce white latex when cut. The flowers are minute and develop within figs up to three-eights of an inch in diameter that grow at the bases of the leaves. It flowers irregularly throughout the year. The generic name derives from an old name for Ficus carica, the species that produces the commercial fig. The species name means with a triangle or three corners, perhaps in reference to the shape of the structures surrounding the fig's apical orifice.

The photographed tree is west of the day care center. There’s another tree at the western end of the greenhouse behind the Celis Building, that was planted by Rudy O’Reilly between 1990 and 1995.

Ficus trigonata (Moraceae)