Guest-tree is native to China, from India to northern Australia, and from several Pacific Islands. In its native distribution it reaches a height of 65 feet. The leaves are up to 6 inches long. Flowers are small but are grouped in large terminal inflorescenses. Fruits are membranous capsules, slightly less than an inch in diameter, divided into five lobes. It flowers during summer and autumn, the fruits mature during autumn and spring. The generic name honors the 17th century Dutch physician Christian Kleynhoff. The species name apperently refers to Kleynhoff’s willingness to receive visitors to his garden of medicinal plants in Batavia.

The photographed tree is behind the Sánchez Building. There's another tree behind the Lucchetti Building, propagated by Henry Cowles and planted by Severo Vélez around 1942.

Kleinhovia hospita (Malvaceae)