Southern magnolia


Southern magnolia, or bull bay, is native to the United States, from Texas to North Carolina and Florida. In its native distribution it reaches a height of 125 feet, with a trunk 3 feet in diameter. The leaves  are up to 8 inches long, they are green above and golden or copper-colored below. Flowers are up to 1 foot wide, they have six to twelve petals and produce a very pleasant aroma. Fruits are up to 6 inches long and are composed of many units that open lengthwise to liberate red seeds. It flowers during spring and the fruits mature during autumn. The generic name honors the French botanist Pierre Magnol (1638-1715). The species name means large flower.

The photographed tree is at the northeast corner of the Biology Building and is the only member of the species in the campus. It was acquired by Carlos Muñoz and planted in 2005.

Magnolia grandiflora (Magnoliaceae)