Mammee apple


Mammee-apple is native to the Antilles but is planted throughout the tropics for its delicious fruit. It is believed that the species originated in one of the Antilles and that the indians transported it to the other islands. It reaches a height of 80 feet, with a trunk 4 feet in diameter.  The leaves are up to 6.5 inches long, lustrous, thick, with many very fine parallel veins. Flowers are up to 1.5 inches wide and generally hide among the foliage. Fruits are up to 10 inches in diameter and the orange pulp tastes like mango and orange. It flowers mostly from April to October and has fruits during most of the year. The generic name derives from the indian name for the tree and the fruit. The species name refers to its geographic origin.

The photographed tree is in front of the Chemical Engineering Building. Thee are other trees southeast of the chancellor’s house (near the pools) and  northwest of the same house.

Mammea americana (Clusiaceae)