Angelin is native to the Antilles, Central America, South America, and tropical Africa. It reaches a height of 120 feet, with a trunk 5 feet in diameter. The leaves are up to 16 inches long and have up to 13 pairs of leaflets, the largest up to 5 inches long. Flowers are about half an inch long and are grouped in lateral or terminal inflorescences. Fruits are up to 1.5 inches long and always remain green. It flowers during summer and winter, and fruits are produced during the second half of the year. Bats eat the pulp of the fruit and disperse the seeds. The generic name derives from a Brazilian name for the tree. The species name means unarmed, apparently in reference to the abscence of spines.

The photographed tree is one of two specimens planted between the Celis and Sánchez buildings. There are other trees near the walkway leading to the entrance across from the Cervecera de Puerto Rico Brewery, northwest and southwest of the Chemical Engineering Building, near the entrance to the Building B parking lot, and southwest of Building C.

Andira inermis (Fabaceae)