Grandleaf seagrape


Grandleaf seagrape, tin-roof tree, or Eve's umbrella, is native to the Antilles, from Hispaniola to Barbados. It reaches a height of 70 feet, with a trunk 2 or more feet in diameter. The leaves are up to 3 feet wide, thick and covered with short hairs. Fowers are grouped in inflorescences up to 8 inches long, male and female on separate trees. Fruits are about a quarter of an inch in diameter and are sweet, birds consume them and disperse the seeds. It flowers during spring and fruits mature during summer. The generic name derives from an old Greek name for the grape vine. The species name refers to the short hairs that cover the leaves and the young branches.

The photographed tree is in front of the Chemistry building. There is another tree west of the Dispensary, planted by Carlos Figueroa in September 1990.

Coccoloba pubescens (Polygonaceae)