Bamboo palm


Bamboo palm, lady palm, or miniature fan palm, is native to China and Japan. It reaches a height of 15 feet, with a trunk up to 1 inch in diameter, generally covered with brown fibers. The leaves are up to 2.5 feet wide and are composed of up to thirteen leaflets with jagged tips. Inflorescences arise among the upper leaves and are about to 1 foot long,  generally male or female on separate plants. Ripe fruits are dark-brown and about three-eighths of an inch in diameter. It flowers irregularly during the year but fruits have not been observed in the campus. The palm propagates mainly by subterranean stems that produce new trunks. The generic name means needle, in reference to the slender leaflets. The species name means tall.

The photographed palm is in front of the Chardón Building. There are other specimens west of the de Diego Building, in the patio of the Stefani Building, and at the southwest corner of the Nursing Building.

Rhapis excelsa (Arecaceae)