Bismarck palm


Bismarck palm is native to Madagascar. It reaches a height of 60 feet, with a trunk up to 1.5 feet in diameter, wider at the base. The green or blush-green leaves are fan-shaped and up to 9 feet wide, its bases are covered with a whitish wax.Inflorescences arise among the leaves and are male or female on separate plants. Ripe fruits are dark-brown, oval-shaped and slightly over an inch in diameter. This palm has recently become very popular as an onamental in Puerto Rico, the specimens present in the campus were planted in 2009 during the construction od the Natatorium soprts complex. The generic name honors German chancellor Otto von Bismarck. The species name means noble, probably in reference to its appearance.

The photographed palm is in front of the Natatorium, around which there are six more specimens.

Male flowers: this link. Fruits: this link.


Bismarckia nobilis (Arecaceae)