Grigri palm


Grigri palm, or coyure palm, is native to the Antilles from Hispaniola to Grenada. It reaches a height of 40 feet, with a spiny trunk up to 8 inches in diameter; spines are also present on the base of the leaf, its central axis and sometimes the underside of the leaflets. The leaves are up to 10 feet long and are composed of two rows of wide leaflets with jagged ends. Inflorescences arise among the lower leaves and are up to 4.5 feet long. Ripe fruits are red and about five-eigths of an inch wide. It flowers and produces fruits during most of the year. The generic name means jagged, in reference to the ends of the leaves. The species name means very small.

The photographed palm is in front of the Monzon Building and is the only member of the species in the campus. It flowers regularly but does not set fruit (the latter were photographed at the University of Puerto Rico Botanical Garden in Río Piedras).

Aiphanes minima (Arecaceae)