Formosa palm


Formosa palm, Taiwan sugar palm, or dwarf sugar palm, is native to China, Japan, and Taiwan. It reaches a height of 15 feet, with several short trunks up to 3 inches in diameter, frequently covered in part by blackish fibers. The leaves are up to 9 feet long and are composed of two rows of slender leaflets with jagged tips. Inflorescences are up to 2 feet long and are produced at the leaf axils starting from the top, the stem dies after producing the lowest inflorescence but the palm continues to live by producing new stems. The generic name derives from the Malayan name for palms. The species name honors the German botanist Heinrich Austav Adolf Engler (1844-1930).

The photographed palm is in front of the Monzón Building and is the only member of the species in the campus. The large trunk at the center belongs to a Madagascar palm.

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Arenga engleri (Arecaceae)