Blue latan palm


Blue latan palm is native to Mauritius, in the Indian Ocean. It reaches a height of 40 feet, with a rough trunk up to 10 inches in diameter. The leaves are up to 8 feet wide and bluish-gray; the petiole is split at the base, has no spines, and is covered by a whitish waxy layer. Inflorescences develop among the leaves and are up to 6 feet long. Ripe fruits are dark-brown, about 1.25 inches long, and contain three seeds surrounded by greenish soft pulp. It flowers mainly during spring and fruits mature mostly during fall and winter. The generic name derives  from the native name for the palm. The species name honors the German horticulturist Joachim Conrad Loddiges (1738-1826).

The photographed palm is northwest of the Ángel Espada Gymnasium. There is another specimen near the main entrance to the Civil Engineering Building.

Latania loddigesii (Arecaceae)