Piptadenia is native to Venezuela. It reaches a height of 50 feet, with a trunk 2.5 feet or more in diameter supported by prop roots. The leaves are up 10 inches long and have over two thousand leaflets. Flowers are produced in abundance and are grouped in spikes up to 7 inches long; they are initially white, changing to red when fertile. The fruit is a flat pod, up to 5 inches long, that opens along one side to liberate up to ten seeds. It flowers and produces fruits during autumn. The generic name refers to the falling of the glands on the flower’s anthers. The species name refers to the size of the mature tree.

The three photographed trees are southwest of the Art Museum and Academic Senate Building. They were planted in 1965 from seeds brought from Colombia by José A. Ramos. There are other trees south and southwest of the chancellor’s residence, and northwest and southwest of the Business Administration Building.

Piptadenia robusta (Fabaceae)