Panama redwood


Panama redwood, or granadillo, is native to Central America and northern South America. It reaches a height 80 feet, with a trunk 3 or more feet in diameter. The leaves have five leaflets, the largest up to 7 inches long. Flowers are about three-quarters of an inch long and appear in abundant slender racemes. Fruits are flat pods, about 3 inches long, with a solitary seed surrounded by a wing. It flowers in spring, fruits develop throughout the year and are dispersed by the wind. The generic name refers apparently to the flat shape of the small branches. The species name means feather-shaped, perhaps in reference to the shape of the compund leaf.

The photographed tree is across from the Piñero Building. At the entrance to the Alzamora Farm there are two mature trees that were planted by Francisco Vázquez.


Platymiscium pinnatum (Fabaceae)