Geiger-tree, or geranium-tree, is native to Florida, Central America, and the Greater Antilles except Puerto Rico. It reaches a height of 30 feet, with a trunk 1 foot in diameter. The leaves measure up to 8 inches long and have a very rough upper. Flowers are about 1.5 inches wide and are red or orange. Fruits are about 1.5 inches long, they have a pleasant aroma but an unpleasant taste. It flowers and produces fruits throughout the year. The generic name honors the German botanists Euricius Cordius (1486-1535) and his son Valerius Cordius (1515-1544). The species name derives from a name used in Asia for other species of the genus which produce similar flowers.

The photographed tree is one of six specimens planted west of the Nursing Building. There’s another specimen in the patio of the Steffani Building.

Cordia sebestena (Boraginaceae)